दारूडियो चाल्यो सासरे || राजस्थानी हरयाणवी कॉमेडी ||

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we are two members in this channel. shakil qureshi and vipin chaudhary. we have also an another channel. name - ghnaa imaandaar. shakil qureshi started this channel and it named as shakil qureshi, after a few year vipin and shakil started work together and changed the channel name the walking camera. shakil qureshi was making vines videos , cover songs , and funny videos. but now the criteriya has changed. we make short films , funny videos , comedy videos, some time we make rajasthani video also. all technical work like camera, editing, lighting, camera shots, camera movement, video thumbnail design, done by shakil qureshi. and work like script , video thumbnail idea , title , done by vipin chaudhary.
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