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    if I went to the army and didn't see my family for years, my parents will definitely react but my brothers will just say oh hey there like I was never gone also the kids at 8:24 lmao

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    I teared up, but they were killing Arabs

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    I never cried ever from smth now bcuz i cant cry idk my heart is brick LOL

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    these cliche videos are the worst, stop wasting everyone else's time in class and sporting events, and do your dumb family stuff on your own time.

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    bad pranks. People can get a heart attack or a nervous breakdown.

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    They protect They attack But most importantly They came back

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    Why Would Anyone Give A Thumbs Down To The People Who Have Served & Protected Us? God Bless & Thank you All For Your Service!!!!

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    Beautiful ❤️

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    Sucks knowing you'll never see your dad again

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    pause it a 1;29 the guy in the back is like what is happening

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    you are welcome.. him also on what'sapp.

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    he is the person that help me out when I have the same problem with my account.. he get me back into my INSTAGRAM account successfully.. ❤✅💯

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    He’s the person that help me out when I have the same trust issues with my boyfriend.. he get me into my boyfriend WhatsApp account through my phone without his knowledge.. I read messages and I see people he is chatting with.💯❤️🗝🔑🔑🗝✅✅

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    It's hot in here. My eyes won't stop sweating

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    A big respect to all soldiers😫😧😧😧

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    I am trying to write this post, my tears are rolling down my glasses are all steamed if I make a mistake, forgive !!!, I Just couldn’t hold back the tears 😭, I love how much the millatry are thought of in your amazing country, All Service people will always be “HEROES “, to me, our soldiers here in the 🇬🇧 aren’t allowed to wear their uniforms out of barracks, which is a real shame, They make my knees wobbly, just because I’m 53yrs old, No harm in looking!!!, I have Soooo much Respect ✊ for ALL serving men and women...God Bless you all, and “Thankyou “.xxxx🇬🇧🇺🇸🙏🙏🇺🇸⭐️⭐️⭐️

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    1:31 PLSS THE GUY IN THE BACK 😭😭✋ if somebody commented this already- I don’t go that far in the comments. And I comment what I see.

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    I'm in tears. My dad is gonna deploy soon. Actually less than a month and I saw this video and immediately started bawling.

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    At 1:32 the guy at the table was a little rood

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    They coming home from killing inocent people!!

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    These brave men and women lay their lives down for our fredoms.This is powerfull stuff,and a reminder what they sacrifice on a daily basis,and to see those emotions says it all.

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    I couldn't stop crying

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    What song name background videos please?

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    I can't believe are coming home to an heroes welcoming after all they only kill children. Are they worth it . I don't think so its about time you stood up for your country. STOP KILLING CHILDREN. YOU PUNKS.

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    im crying

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    2:53 is men hugs

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    Who cries for the children and parents of Gaza? You are racists even in your emotions😢

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    True happiness is those that you’re the closest too. Never take anyone or life for granted. God is good!

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    Hal yang tak di temukan di Indonesia 😭😭

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    It’s 2:48 am and I’m crying

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    I also felt the same when my brother come home back 😊😭

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    My uncle was in the army. His twin kids was about 4 years old. When we got the news about my uncles death, the kids suddenly woke up in the middle of night and asked me, wheres daddy? Their mom cried like crazy and I just tell them that their dad is in heaven. They know nothing but they cried too after seeing their mom cried.

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    The little kids really get me ❤ Thank you men and women in the armed forces for your sacrifices.

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    Couldn't stop tears

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    This was very beautiful to watch. Thanks to the person who made and uploaded this. Now I feel inspired to write a song about this particular subject

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    I got worked up so bad I couldnt sleep all night congrats to the soldiers that were able to come home saftley and a moment of silence of those who werent able to come home 💔😭

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    Eu nunca tive um abraço assim nem de pai nem mãe ,pois morreram quando eu era bem pequena , quando assisto este virou me desfaço em lagrimas

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    I have seen a million of these videos! So I don't know why this one really made me cry ??? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Thank you for your service ma'am,s and sir,s 🤗

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    Splendidi e commoventi questi " ritorni"💖💖💖un grande anbraccio a ki non li potra' condividere

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    The motionless suede additionly want because head holoprosencephaly analyse apropos a domineering clover. tidy, scandalous oak

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    I'm Crying 😭

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    Me too ):

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    Stand for the Pledge of Allegiance everyone

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    Миллион человек в Ираке убили и теперь домой вернулись"освободители"!

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    The first one made me already start crying

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    Желаю всем мира и добра на всей земле, и чтобы близкие люди всегда оставались вместе.

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    Bacana, mas o que ficou faltando dizer foi. Por qual razão eles foram lá? Por que arriscam as vidas dos seus soldados numa guerra que não são deles? A resposta é bem simples. Eles não ligam pra quem vai morrer, pra quem vai voltar vivo, pra quem vai deixar uma família inteira. Eles só pensam em poder.

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    2:00 in Afghanistan killing innocent people

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    Really made me cry. And I'm a grown man 👍👍

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    This video warmed my heart. My dad was in the national guard and I remember missing him and waiting for him to come home. I was so happy and relieved when he came home.

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    I am not crying, you are crying 😭🥺💓

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    I don't understand why in France we don't have a public ceremony like that it's so moving frankly we French people have really lost what it is to be a patriot and to be proud of our soldiers god bless the america

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    Im sorry for the soilders thst never saw there family again 😢😢😢😢 may they rest in peace

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